How To Submit A Race

You can easily submit your Race information to the website by following these steps:

(Please have your Race and Race Contact information gathered and ready to enter.)

    1. Create a "User Account"
    2. Already have a User Account, "Login"
    3. Once you have created a User Account and Logged In, select the "Submit A Race" button and follow the instructions to submit your Race information.
      Below is an outline of the form information that will be required.


      1. Enter all required information as accurately as possible. (Required information is highlighted with a RED *)
        • Event Information:
        • Event Location:
        • Event Contact Information:
        • Submitted By:
      2. Once all required information has been entered, select the "Continue" button to preview your race information, before final submission.
      3. Confirm your information. Make changes, if needed, and select "Submit Race".
      4. An "Awaiting Final Approval" email will be sent to the email address(es) listed in your race information.
      5. All race information will be reviewed (usually within 24 hours) and approved before it is posted live on the website. Should additional information be needed, you will be contacted via email.
      6. Upon approval an "Approved and is Now Live" email will be sent to the email address(es) listed in your race information.
        To submit another Race, while logged in, select the "Submit A Race" button in the upper right of the web page, and enter your next race 

    4. Go To to view your Race listing.
    5. Success!



Use your Account Login to manage your "My Races" information from year to year:

  • Access and update your Race information at any time*.
  • Your Race information will remain in the data base after the event date has passed and can easily be updated as need for the following year.

    * Any changes or updates will remove your event from the OnlineRaceCalendar website pending approval.