Secure Online Race Registration -
is an independent event registration service aiming to deliver the best secure, simple, flexible, and effective online registration to event organizers and participants throughout the United States. While we provide these services for many events, we focus on running races and triathlons, in which we have over 25 years of experience.

We provide secure online registration services for Running, Walking, Multisport, Triathlon, Cycling, Seminars, Clinics, Conferences, Club Memberships, Sporting Events, Dinners, Banquets, Golf Tournaments, Charity Events, Fundraising, Reunions, Expos, Tradeshows, and more...



The Difference

These are a few of the benefits that set apart:

  • we build your online form for you (some providers charge for this service)

  • lower processing fees for your participants

  • your registrant database is your property, not ours or anyone else's

  • we tailor and customize your form based on your data collection needs

  • 24/7 real-time access to your online database

  • you are provided a data-entry account for your mail-in applications (at no charge)

  • we manage and respond to participant's inquiries - promptly and courteously

Here's what you won't get:

  • your registrants' personal information was harvested for future marketing

  • live links to other events on your event's pages

  • third-party, unrelated solicitations

  • your database is sold, traded, or disseminated to third-party companies

  • junk emails to your participants after they register

  • advertisements and banner ads

  • Non-event-related questions built into your form

  • a minimum transaction fee



Listing an Event with

  • Online registration is free for event organizers (unless they choose to absorb the participants' costs). We add a fee to entry fees; we've ensured those numbers are listed throughout the registration process, so nobody is surprised.
  • We send checks once each month on the 5th business day for transactions through the end of the previous month. A check may not be sent without a special request for registration forms with less than $300 in accrued fees. Of course, once a registration form closes, all accrued fees will be sent in the next payment batch.
  • We can give you and members of your staff accounts to enter paper apps (including those that require credit card processing) into the online database. Then, your offline entrants can confirm their entries at Plus, you'll have substantial backups of those offline entries.
  • To set up your event online, send us a copy of your paper entry form (or the equivalent information: fees, dates, registration categories, questions to ask waiver). We will create an online form for you, generally within 24 hours. Then, you will receive a username and password, allowing you to view, email, or download your registrants anytime.


If you have questions or an event to post, please get in touch with us through our website: